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       Super Comp Dragster Journal


   This is the first in a long series of entries detailing the progress of getting Frankie Cicerale's new Super Comp Dragster ready for competition.  The dragster, and 1994 Pro Start chromoly car, measures in with a wheelbase of 235 inches, and weighs in roughly at 1500 lbs.  The car, bought from Dave Sano, is set up for a big block Chevy and a shorty Powerglide transmission.  The power is transferred to the tires via a Ford 9 inch rear end. 


Entry #2

Date: December 6, 1999

What was done: We got the belts and the rest of the motor plates from Dave, so now they are sitting in the back with the water pump, brake master cylinder, and other parts.  Johnny Zulla and I pulled the car out, took all of the panels off, and cleaned up the frame.  We also wiped down and waxed the panels while they were off of the dragster.  After that, we put them carefully in the back garage, and put the dragster back in.  Since the rear slicks do not have tubes in them, we had to pump up the tires yet again.  This time, we jacked up the rear end of the car, and then set it down on two pieces of wood that are just high enough to keep the slicks off of the ground.  This way, it will take a longer amount of time for them to go flat.  We are right now in the process of looking for a big block Chevy for the dragster as it is mostly set up for that combination.  Not too much luck yet, but we haven't been working as hard as we could be seeing as how the Nova is the project for the time being.  Projected date of completion for it's first pass down the quarter-mile is slated for 2001, maybe sooner.


Entry #1

Date: October 15, 1999

What was done: The car was dropped off at the house last night by Dave Sano. All of the components of the dragster, such as the scoop, side panels, and master cylinder, also came.  Much work needs to be done.  A motor still has to be decided on and dropped in, the transmission needs to be converted over and put in, and a center section has to be installed.  As you can all see, there is going to be a lot of work to get the dragster ready for racing.



Dragster Statistics

Year: 1994

Make: Pro Start Race Cars

Wheelbase: 235"

Weight: Roughly 1500 lbs.

Engine: NA

Transmission: General Motors "shorty" Powerglide two speed

Rear End: Ford 9 inch with mini spool

Best E.T and MPH: NA

Sponsors:  Anyone interested, please call (732) 463-0448